Introduction of stainless steel flange

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Stainless steel flange is a disk-shaped parts, the most common in the pipeline project, flanges are used in pairs. In the pipeline project, the flange is mainly used for pipe connections. Need to connect pipes, a variety of installation a flange, low-pressure pipe can be used silk flange, the use of more than 4 kg pressure welding flange. Signing gasket between the two flanges for rent, and then secured with bolts. The different pressures flange have different thickness and the type of bolt.

Pumps and valves, and piping connection, these partially Equipment, also made corresponding to the shape of the flange, also called flange connection. Any two planes in the surrounding bolted closed the connection parts, generally known as the "flange", such as ventilation ducts connected to this type of parts can be called "flange parts. But this connection is just a local, such as flanges and pump connection, bad water pump called the flange parts. Relatively small such as valves, can be called "flange parts.

The gasket is a plastically deformed and made of a material having a certain strength of the ring. Most of the gasket is cut down from a non-metallic plate, or the required size by professional factory production, the material is asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos, polyethylene board; also useful for sheet metal (tin, stainless steel) asbestos and other non-metallic materials made of metal wrapped package gasket; There is also a band together around the system with a thin strip of asbestos spiral wound gasket. Ordinary rubber gasket is applied at a temperature lower than 120 ° C. The Occasion; asbestos rubber gasket for the steam temperature is lower than 450 ° C, the oil temperature is lower than 350 ° C. The pressure is lower than the Occasion of 5 MPa, for the general corrosion medium, most commonly used are acid-resistant asbestos. In high pressure equipment and piping, copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel lens or other shaped metal gasket. High-pressure gasket and the sealing surface of the contact width is very narrow (line contact), the higher finish sealing surface and the processing of the gasket.

The low-voltage small diameter wire connected to the flange, the high and low pressure large diameter are welded flange, different pressures of the thickness of the flange and the connecting bolt diameter and the number of the type.