Proper use of carbon steel flange

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Carbon steel flange before measurement need to do some preparation work, according to the ways and means to measure, according to the specific situation to determine the different measurement methods to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
Below the North Sea to introduce you to the methods of measurement of the carbon steel flange: Measuring the preparatory work before:
1 before the measurement based on the large flange position, should first draw the device each connected a large flange sketches, and numbered consecutively in order fixture pigeon-installation to be installed, in accordance with the methods and principles to ensure the normal use.
2. Carbon steel flange installation, there may be different outside diameter, the wrong port (heart), the thickness of the gasket is not equal to the situation, so the processing out of the fixture should be corresponding to the side of the steel flange are not interchangeable, so measurement of various dimensions and number processing and installation of fixtures
3 measurement, it is best to arrange three, two of them measuring a proofreading and fill in a form, measurement tools with a vernier caliper, if no conditions are available outside calipers and a steel ruler measurement is a meticulous work, fixture installation premise , measurement and recording must be ready to correct, must seriously clearly when completing their actual measurements for mutual cooperation, in accordance with correct principles and use.